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Banner photo by The stunning Walindi Resort from the air. Photo by Jurgen Freund/Freund Factory

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Home to one of the most remarkable reef systems on the planet, luxury eco resort Walindi Plantation has led conservation here for decades and offered divers the experience of a lifetime...


The New Ireland archipelago in Papua New Guinea sits just south of the equator. Its limpid waters brim with life and there's even south sea surfing!


Walindi Plantation Resort is a small dive-resort nested on the shores of Kimbe Bay that for 30 years has offered the warmest hospitality and world-famous diving experiences combined with enormous contributions for community-development and marine conservation as the core of its business. Located right at the heart of Papua New Guinea, its beachfront waters hold 70% of all coral species in the Indo-Pacific region, making it globally recognised and awarded as one of the best spots and best resorts for diving. Submerge yourself to an unforgettable journey in an unforgettable resort and wake-up to the singing of wild parrots and respond to the call of the ocean in one of its bungalows or Plantation houses surrounded by the tropical rainforest with gorgeous ocean front views, tropical gardens and friendly local staff.


Rebirthed from a former palm-oil plantation with twelve bungalows and four Plantation-House Rooms graciously spread around the beachfront property, reconstructed with traditional design and using local materials, you can rest assure that your stay in Walindi Plantation Resort will be intimate and personal. The Plantation Rooms are the smallest and standard option for accommodation, built in two separate blocks of four rooms each, sharing a private verandah overlooking the detailed gardens. The bure-style Bungalows have a private verandah and are accessed by paths winding through the rainforest gardens, enjoying of an ocean view. Whichever you choose to stay you will feel completely immersed in a private paradise and cozy atmosphere. The facilities include Swimming Pool and Sun-Deck, and its famous Planters Bar, the perfect place to relax and socialise with other diving-fans, marine scientists & researchers who come here for the incredible biodiversity.

Walindi is the home port to two of PNG's premier liveaboards, MV FeBrina and MV Star Dancer and a world-class inhouse Diving-Center with the most qualified and prepared team.


Walindis exceptional location in Kimbe Bay offers a wide array of activities to be in touch with nature to whatever you feel like doing, a relaxingly casual day or an exciting adventurous one. Snorkel along the the beach, swim in the pool or the jetty, enjoy of a walk in Walindi’s shore or made take a guided walk to the neighbouring village or to take a bath in the “Hot River”, a naturally heated river by volcanic activity or go bird-watching to the stunning unlogged forest and take a one of a kind pic in one in the historical WWII plane wrecks. However, one of the biggest treasures Kimbe Bay has is without a doubt its waters. If we start talking about the submarine life in Kimbe Bay, we could go for ages! We actually dedicated a full story to the astonishing diversity this reefs have.

On any given day, diving with the Walindi team (in any of its 2-3 trips per day) means submerging with the best for a life-changing dive experience in waters exceeding 40m visibility, surrounded of life, from micro-critters in the sand to large schools of barracuda, big-eyed trevally, dogtooth tunas, green turtles and reef sharks. The geography of Kimbe Bay creates different natural dive sites for all levels and depending on your length of stay, they will be glad to arm a schedule for you so you don’t miss the best parts. Walindi Dive runs three boats to take you on an amazing adventure. Definitely Walindi deserves a spot in all traveler's bucket-list.


Walindi Plantation Resort has its very own research and educational center, “Walindi Nature Centre” who functions as operation-research center for different organizations with the same goal: the conservation of nature and resources of the Kimbe Bay. Likewise, Walindi Plantation acted as the main force behind the establishment and funding of “Maonia Na Dari”, a cooperative multi-stakeholder organization whose efforts since 1997 have supported local resource management initiatives through sustainable practices and continue to provide Marine Environment Education Program (MEEP) to the Papuan population, both local and national. These programs have promoted the protection and understanding of the natural environments of Kimbe Bay and Papua New Guinea. Walindi has contributed to the local communities by ensuring the receipt of concession fees for use of their reefs, as well as international donor funds attracted to the area to assist with local reef conservation or in form of employment, training and upgrading of village services and infrastructure. Additionally, they promote and lead educational campaigns that have reached to more than 150,000 students and teachers, local communities and other organizations who are interested in marine education.

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