Sustainable Nature-based Tourism
In The Coral Triangle

Tourism Investment Opportunities


The Coral Triangle is one of earth’s most valuable natural assets – the richest repository of marine life on the planet and a source of food & livelihood for millions. It’s also perhaps the most exciting emerging destination in the world in terms of nature based tourism, with an estimated value of US$204 billion. Diving, surfing, jungle trekking, island hopping, The Coral Triangle Sustainable Nature Based Tourism Project is looking to unlock this potential in partnership with the six Coral Triangle countries that make up the CTI-CFF. The investment prospectus introduces the first three projects that are being developed in the first stage of the plan, presenting opportunities in Timor Leste, Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea…


The Coral Triangle’s greatest assets are its incredible ecosystems – and the vibrant communities that live among them. Developing nature based tourism infrastructure and enterprise opportunities means that tourists, local people, flora and fauna all benefit – and an industry develops that can be sustained indefinitely. Isn’t that something worth investing in?

Tourism Investment Opportunities

The destination plans for the three sites identify a range of actions that have the potential to generate growth in nature-based tourism and activate the Coral Triangle brand. Each action requires some level of investment from government, the private sector and/or from donor agencies. Many projects require a staged approach with preliminary planning and government or donor investment prior to readiness for private sector investment. Several projects would benefit from a consistent approach and investment across all countries.

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Destination Plans

Atauro Island

The central mountains of the island and remote villages also offer opportunities for land-based adventures and community-based tourism.

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Solomon Islands

In addition to its extensive marine biodiversity, the region is renowned for its beautiful tropical islands, excellent diving and snorkelling, coral reefs and World War II wrecks.

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Papua New Guinea

It truly is a nature and adventure tourist's dream location.

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