Various packages - inc. €1604 (7 nights w/ diving Kri Eco Resort) & €2880 (7 nights w/ diving Sorido Bay)

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The first land based resort to open in Raja Ampat and still one of the best

Even the house reef will make your jaw drop


Just 1.5 hours by speedboat from Sorong, jumping off point for the Raja Ampat seascape, Papua Diving is strategically located to take advantage of some of the best dive sites the province has to offer - and since Raja Ampat is thought to be the world’s pinnacle of marine bidoversity, that’s saying something. Even the house reef will make your jaw drop. Papua Diving runs twin resorts at either end of Kri Island; Sorido Bay is the upmarket option offering mod cons like AC, TV and lavish buffets; Kri Eco Resort is simpler but arguably more charming with its traditional Papuan grass stilt houses. The island is drenched in rainforest, in stark contast to the aquamarine waters.


Sorido Bay comprises 7 spacious double cabanas set on the beachfront; all feature AC, TV and mini bars. There’s a substantial central pavilion where three buffet meals are served each day between dives. There’s usually an interesting group in residence, with scientists, explorers and filmmakers making regular appearances. A short walk (tide allowing) or even shorter boat ride away, Kri Eco Resort is a collection of whimsical Papuan stilt houses built over the water, offering 14 guest rooms in total. You can literally watch reef fish, octopuses and baby sharks from your verandah while steps lead into the water if you fancy a dip. Showers are cold and shared, but you probably won’t mind! Food is served in a pavilion on the resort’s jetty, beneath which a profusion of species tend to congregate.

There are also trips to see the iconic Red Bird of Paradise, bat caves, villages and other sites of outstanding beauty.


House Reef Cape Kri is world class - you’ll drop down through swarms of big pelagic fish, past a myriad hard corals to 20-30 metres where sharks cruise past in the deep blue. Just one of more than 30 sites within easy reach of the resort. Snorkelling is almost as much fun - sites like the famous passage - a saltwater channel between two islands offer unique environments where jungle fronds reach down to meet soft corals. Owner Max Ammer also runs sea kayaking trips - he even makes his own kayaks based on a leading design. Travel through lagoons, bays and channels surrounded by steep limestone karsts and jungle drenched islands. There are also trips to see the iconic Red Bird of Paradise, bat caves, villages and other sites of outstanding beauty.


Max Ammer is a passionate conservationist and works closely with local non-profits to help maintain Raja Ampat’s singular marine ecosystems. He regularly patrols the surrounding area in a tiny experimental aircraft, looking out for illegal fishing activities, pollution and anything untoward. The vast majority of Papua Diving employees inlcuding all the dive guides are local Papuans. Kri Eco Resort is low impact, using local materials.

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