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Bird Watching





Remote and beautiful resort on Yeben, a private island in Raja Ampat


This remote resort is set on its own private island among some of the premier dive sites in Raja Ampat, the world's epicentre of marine biodiversity. Cove Eco Resort's eco friendly villas are spread along a brilliant white sand beach facing the ocean. Spend your days discovering world class dive sites teeming with life, kayaking among local islands, bays and lagoons and snorkeling shallow reefs - or simply chilling beachside in a hammock!


Cove Eco Resort has several beach-side villas of different sizes that give you an incredible view of the ocean from your bed. The villas come with ensuite bathrooms, hot water, mosquito nets, and ceiling fans to keep you comfortable in the tropical heat. The resort also has a restaurant where guests can enjoy traditional Indonesian or international cuisines of all sorts and enjoy free WiFi. The resort will also set up a romantic dinner on the beach upon request.


Located on its own private island, Cove Eco Resort is home to over 3km of white-sand beaches that encompass the entire island. Guests can stroll on the beach, go bird watching, play in the cove, or go on snorkeling, diving and kayaking adventures - Cove is close to some of Raja Ampat's most famous dive sites. The resort also offers 3-4 day trips to show you around Raja Ampat, taking in the region's largely untouched beauty.


Cove Eco Resort has been a supporter of sustainable tourism since its very creation. Before opening the resort, the owners cleaned up the island that had previously been treated poorly by tourists and locals alike. They set up a 5km no-fishing zone to protect local reefs and aquatic life, and have continued similar sustainability practices ever since. The villas were built with local materials by local craftsmen and most of the food at the resort is sourced from nearby villages.

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