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This acclaimed eco resort features whimsical over the water bungalows and is close to Raja Ampat's most iconic dive sites...


Papua Explorers Dive Resort is located in the heaert of  Raja Ampat, one of the jewels of the Coral Triangle and the global epicentre of marine biodiversity . Get up close and personal with everything from big pelagic species like mantas, sharks and even whales to magical critters including pygmy sea horses. Join island hopping trips, take in incredible sunsets, enjoy wholesome food and great company...


Papua Explorers Dive Resort spacious and luxurious stilt bungalows are built right over the water so guests can see marine life before they even get in the water. the backdrop: a steep slope drenched in iridiscent jungle. Each bungalow comes equipped with Wi-Fi, hot water, an ensuite bathroom, a deck for guests to sit and enjoy the sun rise and set. All feature a mix of contemporary comforts and classical Papuan art works. The resort also offers spa services including sea-side massages. The restaurant serves  everything from  Indonesian classics to western favourites. 


Raja Ampat is home to some of the finest diving experiences the world has to offer. At Papua Explorers Dive Resort, guests can participate in incredible day trips around the various islands, stopping at some of the best diving spots along the way. Guests unfamiliar with diving can take PADI courses and other fun activities include kayaking, hiking, snorkeling & free diving, birdwatching, and even sea-side yoga! At the end of the day, guests can sit back, sip on an ice cold drink and enjoy the jaw dropping sunsets.


The resort is very conscious of their impacts on the local natural environments and has outlined several eco-friendly practices that it asks its guests to adhere to. For example, the resort provides eco-friendly soaps and shampoos to prevent chemicals entering the environment - grey water is processed by natural bacteria in the resort's septic tank. The resort also asks its guests to take any plastic/other wastes with them when they leave as to preserve the environment. Additionally, meals are made from local produce and each bungalow is made from sustainable local materials that limit environmental damage and support local communities. The resort also works closely with local communities, providing donations of fuel, clothing and stationery as well as investing in infrastructure projects like a sanitation system at the new school. 

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