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Alor Archipelago is one of Indonesia’s last frontiers, enjoy an intimate resort situated on a stretch of long sandy beach on Pantar Island close to some of the best diving on the planet!


The intimate resort is situated on a stretch of 400 m long sandy beach on Pantar Island, west of Timor. To enchance the friendly ambience and personalized service, the number of guests is limited to 12. Locals from a nearby village plus a few assistants from the main town of the region, Kalabahi, and Western management make up the hospitable working team, committed to present you with a memorable stay at the island retreat. The big focus here is diving of course, with a wide range of dive sites in the near vicinity, including a stunning house reef.


Alor Dive Resort has 7 beach front bungalows with hot water, electricity, laundry service, private western standard bathrooms, plus funcational wi-fi. To preserve the authentic atmosphere of the place,  special care was taken while integrating the resort in its natural surrounding. Bungalows use natural and traditional thatch roofing, which is local product and further an environmentally friendly material. 


Discover a hidden paradise! Open from mid-March to mid-December, when dive conditions are favourable. 2 guided boat dives are included per day and unlimited shore dives (including night dives) on the resorts amazing house reef. Alor is a world class diving destination made all the more special by its remoteness. Pantar strait is already regionally recognised as a protected area and is currently in the process of becoming a Marine Protected Area (MPA). 


The Pantar strait is free of destructive fishing practices like blast and cyanide fishing. Locals are using traditional fishing techniques (bamboo trap, fishnet and line) therefore coral reefs remain undamaged by human impacts and marine life is abundant. A share of guest payments is used as a contribution to conserve and protect Alort’s marine legacy. The resort has been constructed using ecologically senstive and local materials by the local community. The resort is active in tree planting, plus, adopts sustainabale waste and water management practices.

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