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One of the finest luxury green dive resorts in Indonesia


One of the most respected high end dive resorts in Indonesia - thanks in no small part to its location in another of the Coral Triangle’s Meccas of biodiveristy. Wakatobi Dive Resort is situated at the remote southern tip of Sulawesi Island and offers guests accommodation in a mix of luxury villas and ocean facing bungalows. They also operate a plush, 36 metre motor yacht available if you want to venture beyond the dive sites in the immediate vicinity. And it’s these dive sites of course that are the big draw!


If you like your to dive in style, you’ll want to opt for Wakatobi’s villa residences complete with pools and a host of luxury accoutrements including balconies facing the ocean. Otherwise there is a choice of snug ocean facing or garden bungalows which are only marginally less opulent in style. You may be on a private island, but you won’t lack for apres-dive activities. The resort has its own spa offering yoga sessions alongside treatments, a boutique, bar and restaurant and even a VIP concierge service offering all kinds of bespoke experiences.


Wakatobi Dive Resort is situated amongst some of the richest and most pristine reefs on earth. You could spend literally days exploring the resort’s world famous house reef, while outlying sites are all within easy reach. There are places in the world where you can find larger creatures, bigger shoals, more critters. But for sheer variety, Wakatobi is almost unparalleled. From muck diving to coral gardens containing more reef species than the entire caribbean to manta rays and sharks, the waters here are endlessly fascinating. You can do a variety of dive certifications too and the snorkelling is also world class of course.


The owners of Wakatobi Dive Resort have established a Collaborative Reef Conservation Programme with local communities, through which income generated through tourism is channeled back to local people. Through patient work, a 20km community managed no take zone was established around the resort, protecting dozens of incredible dive sites. The resort also minimises its environmental footprint through biological treatment of waste water and using local materials and skills to maintain the resort. They also provide electricity to a 500 person village on the same island in return for reef patrols. In 2005, Wakatobi Dive Resort was recognised by Scuba Diving Magazine as having the ‘Best Environmental Initiative by a Resort.’

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