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Essential eye opening day trip that brings together incredible snorkelling and trekking experiences with insights into fishing culture in Lombok and the plight of sharks...which you're helping to save by joining the tour!

From shark fishermen to eco tourism guides...real transformation with the Dorsal Effect


The Dorsal effect is an ecotourism project that offers a unique “off the beaten track” snorkel tour in Tanjung Luar, one of Lombok’s most beautiful and least visited corners. Your local tour guide will take you on an immersive journey of discovery into the ocean and the local fishing communities that rely upon it. Behind all this lies the mission and vision of The Dorsal Effect's efforts to prevent shark-fishing - your guide will be a former shark fisher who is now earning a living through eco tourism . Not only will you enjoy a unique and fascinating travel experience with world class snorkelling and visits to stunning beaches and seascapes, you'll also learn about shark ecology and the history of shark-hunting. You can find out more about The Dorsal Effect in the founder’s own words in a story we ran in November 2014.


Don’t forget your reef-friendly sun block as your full-day tour will start early in the morning right at the shore of where you are staying. Before you know it, you will be aboard and on your way to start beach-hopping some of the hidden jewels of the southeastern coast of Lombok on a seriously “amphibious” trip. Taking in three pristine beaches, including a gorgeous pink sand beach, some mini-cave exploring and a trek up a cliff to enjoy the gorgeous view, this tour also gives you a detailed behind-the-curtains expose of the shark situation in Lombok, with a visit to the infamous Tanjung Luar fish market. Besides the excellent service and awesome company, the tour includes everything you need for the day such as snorkel gear, life vest and free-flow snacks, water and cold drinks along with a delicious lunch and bags for beach cleaning! Hands on adventure and the chance to be part of a positive change as by taking part in ecotourism, you're offering local people an alternative to shark-finning. Prices and schedules will vary depending on where your accommodation is, either in Kuta or Senggigi. 


With very limited, viable options for earning a living, the local communities and fishermen in this part of Lombok have turned to shark-finning to survive, an activity driven by the high demand for shark-fin soup, mainly from China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Shark-fishing is not only unsustainable, it's risky for fishers too, as they need to be at sea several weeks at a time. Plus they run up debts buying supplies, because the shark population has been so depleted, they keep having to go out farther and farther to hunt. Bearing in mind shark-fishing offers little-to-no profit margin for the fishermen and that around 400 sharks are killed each day in the beaches of Tanjung Luar, it's just a matter of time before the shark population is so depleted that the livelihoods of whole communities will collapse. Through The Dorsal Effect, the fishermen have an alternative, sustainable income to support their livelihoods, keeping them from hunting sharks and instead, taking part in conservation. To top it off, The Dorsal Effect organizes beach and reefs cleanup and trash collection, marine life documentation and tracking and educational campaigns. 

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