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Learn about reef restoration while discovering one of the Philippines' finest dive destinations...great value, conservation a priority


Spindrift Reefs is a diving-tour operator located in the province of Bohol, Philippines offering tailored packages for divers, which include cruise tours around the stunning seascapes and of course diving the best spots Bohol has to offer. You'll stay in their great value fully-furnished, self-catering apartment in Panglao Island. Spindrift Reefs is a social enterprise with a strong focus on environmental protection and preserving local reefs and marine life through its operation. A central part of the company's tours involve their coral gardening and artificial reef project, “The Underwater Chocolate Hills” which you can visit by arrangement and actually try your hand at a little coral-nursing!


Travel stress-free and feel part of the local community by staying in Spindrift Reef’s accommodation, a fully furnished,  two bedroom apartment located just 5 minutes from the famous Alona Beach with its entertainment strip featuring many bars and restaurants. The apartment can fit an extra double futon if you need more space and both of its rooms are air conditioned. Enjoy a private balcony,  complimentary Wi-Fi and a fully equipped Kitchenette, whose fridge will be full of complimentary soft drinks, water, beer and local spirits upon your arrival. There's even a scooter included (excluding gasoline) for the entire duration of your stay. If you prefer, a round-trip car transfer can be arranged on your arrival and departure to the homestay. 


Known for its abundant coral reefs, excellent scuba diving and snorkel options, diverse wildlife and the unusual land formations in its surroundings - (the famous Chocolate Hills, surreal, uniformly shaped limestone formations), Bohol is a popular and charming tourist destination with plentiful beaches. Spindrift Reefs offers completely personalized, tailored trips that include dive packages, day dive trips and cruises, so that you can combine and select locations and activities with the help of the experience and friendly staff. Day dive trips and cruises are recommended for shorter stays, which may include adventurous sightseeing and snorkeling in vibrant reefs, romantic sunset cruises to white sand beaches and dolphin watching spots, all aboard Spindrift Reef's native Banca. Head to their website for further details...


Bohol, is world famous for being an every-diver’s dream, thanks its stunning location and the quality of its underwater offerings. That's why Spindrift Reefs takes direct action to help protect the unique environment. That starts with their resident Reef Gardeners project, where divers head down daily to maintain the local reefs in a natural non-invasive way and help broken corals recover. As a visitor, you're encouraged to join them and learn their techniques!  

Spindrift Reefs takes reef recovery a step further by  growing and managing their very own artificial reef, the Underwater Chocolate Hills. These are handmade using recycled materials and utilise a process called Electro Mineral Accretion (EMA) to promote growth. Helix-anchors are used as an environmentally friendly alternative. Additionally, Spindrift Reefs actively works with different partners on related environmental projects, while 20% of their earnings goes to the local community through the Government's Coastal Resource Program.

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