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Sanctum is designed to feel like a home away from home, with a relaxed-laid back community atmosphere. It also happens to be in one of the most stunning mini archipelagos in Indonesia


Sanctum Resort is a small, elegant eco resort in the heart of the picturesque volcano island of the Togean Islands, Sulawesi. Sanctum dive resort accommodates both snorkellers and divers alike, with great snorkelling just at your doorstep. If you wish not to enter the water, there are many land based activities to keep you active, whether it is hiking up the volcano, visiting villages, or hiring a bike and exploring the island, or simply strolling along the beaches and discovering your own petite paradise, one that you have all to yourself.  


Sanctum resort offers 15 double rooms, each with its own eco feel whether deluxe or Standard style rooms. The resort has a fresh clean-cut look to it offering both comfort and affordability. ​All rooms are equipped with a mosquito net, hammock, and nice balcony. with views. 


The crystalline waters are populated with a large array of marine life ranging from Reef Sharks to massive Schools of Barracuda, Turtles, Dolphins and the beautiful Macro life. The corals here truly are breathtaking, the colors and sheer size of certain specimens are unheard of around the Togean Islands and even South East Asia.


Sanctum Una Una believes business can be a force of good. They strive to provide guests a pleasant stay in the midst of the nature, far from civilization with using minimal resources and sustainable food chain from regional farmers. Responsible use of electricity, motorboat and energy is implented to minimize impact to the ecosystem. Preservation is number one priority for future generation to still enjoy the beauty of Una Una volcano. Rooms have each been designed and furnished with care and deep respect for the surrounding ecology. Santum upholds the local aspect of their operations, firmly believing that co-operation with small entrepreneurs in the surrounding area will give every guest an outstanding and memorable diving experience. 

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