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Custom snorkelling tours throughout the Coral Triangle


Coral Triangle Adventures (CTA) was born from a passion for the marine environment and a desire to share that with fellow snorkelers. CTA’s founders are both marine biologists who through research and exploration have over 30 years of experience in the region – knowledge they love to share with their guests! CTA’s portfolio of custom snorkeling expeditions includes many of the best destinations within the Coral Triangle. Each is designed to provide guests with a unique, educational, comfortable, safe, and exciting snorkeling experience.


CTA works with award-winning live aboard boats and resorts that operate at the highest levels of excellence, while demonstrating a genuine commitment to conservation. CTA is careful to choose the right time of the year to take advantage of the best weather conditions for snorkeling as well as increasing the chances of encounters with rare and amazing animals. 


CTA tours are designed for maximum water time while also making best use of the available facilities. Want to snorkel for 3 hours and then grab a massage before lunch? No problem. CTA itineraries revolve around two daily snorkeling sessions, one in the morning and another after lunch. Snorkelling days are complemented with nightly presentations about marine life, ecology, and conservation, as well as tips on taking underwater photographs, local history, and biogeography.


Education plays an important role in the design and performance of CTA tours. As marine biologists who have worked for many years in the coral triangle the CTA team has come to appreciate that educating the public about the importance and beauty of the coral triangle will lead to stronger support for the preservation and conservation of both land and sea. CTA also aims to expose guests to the diverse and unique cultures of the areas visited. By promoting this relationship, local communities becomes intimately aware of, and excited about, the need to conserve their land and sea to ensure that visitors will forever appreciate the magic of their reefs. 

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