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Barefoot eco luxury and a true nature based tourism experience in stunning Lombok on the edge of a glistening white beach...


If Robinson Crusoe had chanced upon Aladdin’s magic lamp on his desert island, he surely would have conjured Jeeva Beloam as his personal residence.  This isolated beach encampment is a showcase of how to mix culture and tradition with the highest levels of understated luxury - in one of the most stunning tropical locations you could imagine. There are two points of access to the 250 metre long bone white beach, voted amongst the 10 best in the world by readers of Harper's Bazaar. The 11 residences  are set in a pristine forest preserve facing the Timor Sea and offer a unique opportunity to unplug and reconnect with nature, while giving up nothing in comfort. 


Jeeva Beloam bills itself as a beach camp, which strictly speaking is not a lie if by beach camp you mean unpretentious luxury accommodation in a sustainably delivered all-inclusive package with personalized and friendly service, topped off with exquisite, freshly prepared meals served at a blissful al fresco beachfront restaurant. Oh and a well stocked private library.

The 11 hand built Indonesian style Berugas resemble a traditional fishermen’s village at first glance. Built with recycled wood and bamboo along with alang-alang elephant grass roofs, each 60 square meter hut is flawlessly designed to provide an opulent haven of rest and relaxation ensconced in nature at her most beguiling. Air conditioning in the sleeping area is available at certain times of the day in accordance with their hospitality and ecological policies, but the residences have been designed to make the most of passive cooling too. 



The Jeeva Beloam experience is designed as an all-inclusive,  with a range of activities including in the rate. These are organised by your Camp Host and include biking, kayaking, snorkeling and soft-trekking or a combination of each, giving you a host of different ways to experience the untouched surroundings. Your Camp Host is there to tailor the perfect experience for you. 

For ocean lovers like us, there is great snorkelling and diving in waters filled with life and colorful corals, with sites suited to both experienced and inexperienced divers. Not only that, but there are several world class surfing spots in the vicinity if you feel like riding the waves instead of heading beneath them but whatever you do, you'll likely have to pinch yourself to realise that this is real and not in some blissful dream.


Not only is Jeeva Beloam inspired by the rich traditions and natural and cultural diversity of Indonesia, the boutique resort is driven by a passion for responsible travel and commitment to local community. The developers have been careful to use recycled materials in their traditional Indonesian designs and all of their activities and activity locations are carefully monitored to avoid any disruption. Their supply chain is strictly controlled in order to encourage local development. All menus are based upon what is freshly available and on seasonality. Poultry is purchased from local farms, vegetables from local markets and they actually work closely with their local suppliers to improve their business practices and working conditions. As they describe it, their aim is to reflect the “real soul” of Indonesia.

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