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Boutique resort offering relative luxury for just 16 guests at a time


This acclaimed dive operation runs two resorts so guests can experience two iconic dive destinations in North Sulawesi - the Lembeh Strait, which delivers arguably the best muck dives in the world and Bunaken, . Both resorts are boutique in scale, catering to no more than around 30 guests. Both are serviced by excellently equipped dive boats - Lembeh offers a day liveaboard, meaning guests can really relax between dives. There are photo & video centres, semi al fresco restaurants, spa, boutique and WiFi.


Both Lembeh & Manado resorts are at the upper end of the scale in terms of facilities, each featuring private garden and ocean view cottages with AC, hot water and comfy king size beds. Eco Divers Lembeh has 12 guest rooms, plus restaurant and bar area and even a private dining room. Eco Divers Manado is particuarly inviting, accommodating guests at the luxurious Minahasa Lagoon Tours & Dive Club, which features 21 ocean and garden view cottages - a cottage can be combined via a covered walkway so families can stay together. There’s an elevated restaurant and bar looking out over the water.


North Sulawesi is home to more than 100 outstanding dive sites notable for their diversity. Divide your time between both resorts and you can experience the world class muck diving at Lembeh, home to a bewildering variety of critters from tiger shrimps and flamboyant cuttlefishes to seahorses and the magic mimic octopus. A must do on any serious underwater photographers bucket list. The 89 065 ha marine park around Bunaken Island meanwhile features stunning coral gardens, walls and caves alive with soft and hard corals including majestic gorgonian fans. Creatures include turtles, eagle wrays, Napolean Wrasse, surgeon fish, unicorn fish and reef sharks amongst many others.


The Lembeh Resort has committed to reducing its footprint through a range of measures including the use of low energy appliances, reducing the amount of supermarket bought products, only serving sustainable fish & seafood, serving homemade preserves at breakfast and using handmade soaps. the company is also involved in a number of conservation projects aimed at helping local fishing communities sustain their reefs, through the North Sulawesi Watersports Association.

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