US$65 - US$82 per night; 3 day snorkel package from US$324

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High luxury, stunning views and access to the best dive sites in Bunaken, one of the Coral Triangle's richest marine parks.


The Grand Luley Resort is a 5-stars hotel located in Manado Bay, Indonesia -  the hidden jewel of North Sulawesi, surrounded by mountains with the Bunaken Marine National Marine Park as its backdrop. Bunaken is world-famous for its exceptional diving and snorkeling experiences - it has some of the highest marine species counts in the world and is good for corals, critter and pelagics alike. Besides the incredible coral reefs, there are well preserved mangrove forest and islands with picture postcard beaches...the perfect choice for those who love their topside seascapes as much as what's beneath the surface. 


The Grand Luley Resort is located near to Tongkaina beach, in a six-hectares of lush gardens on the outskirts of Manado. The resort consists of 122 deluxe rooms with full leisure amenities accompanied by excellent service from friendly staff, who are always on hand with a ready smile to answer any guest requests. The world class facilities are wrapped in the charm of local Indonesian hospitality, as well as local arts and culture, making it the ideal luxury gateway for the dive trip of a lifetime. 


Bunaken provides excellent local diving with pristine coral reef wall dives, full of a stunning array of coloured fish and soft and hard coral. Take a discovery scuba course with the excellent Grand Luley dive team and swim amongst turtles and white tip reef sharks sleeping in their day-time caves and if you look carefully, you may take home a photo kissing a mermaid! No joke! There's a 'living sculpture' of a mermaid in the waters right in front of the resort, to which corals will accrete over time. In addition to its underwater wonders, Manado city is home to the biggest and most influential churches in the province and many natural attractions, such as Ban Hin Kiong lake, Lake Tondano and Lokon Volcano.


Grand Luley Resort has a strong environmental, community and social values. They are committed to keeping the local mangrove forests intact, have a local employment policy and support local marine conservation such as a unique coral restoration project created in partnership with The Marine Foundation, just a short trip away from their jetty. Grand Luley has also implemented ecological measures in their facilities, such as the use of solar systems to provide hot water, LED lamps in 80% of the property and the AC runs with eco-friendly specifications. The resort has a water recycling system and sewage treatment plant, to reuse suitable water for the gardens and for flushing toilets. The system is audited by Local City Management - Health Division.

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