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Trailblazing ocean trips on beautiful boats around the remote and stunning islands of north Palawan - community based eco tourism at its best!


It all started as a personal adventure aboard a self-built and remodeled boat with nothing more in mind but the desire to explore hundreds of islands, enjoy their pristine beaches, get in touch with the millennia old island cultures and engage with the unique communities of the island-kingdom of Palawan. Little has changed since then - Tao Philippines adventure are still personal, bringing together 21st century bucaneers on meandering voyages through some of the most beautiful seascapes in the world. But it's take a lot of effort behind the scenes to shape an endeavour that's deeply connected with local communities, encourages permaculture, sustainable develompent and conservation and that delivers unforgettable adventure trips to a global community of independent travelers that share the lust for raw adventure and cultural connection...


Whether sailing for 5 days with an mixed group of 12-24 like-minded travelers or arranging a charter for friends or family, TAO’s journeys on their small fleet of traditional boats  connect El Nido & Coron, or vice versa , and have no strict itinerary or special destination besides anchoring at their ecologically built campsites to sleep under the stars, visit the communities and stock up on whatever's needed. But don’t worry, adventure sailing doesn't mean moving blindly and hope for the best. TAO’s local sailors are experts and have years of experience in these waters.  Nevertheless, it pays to be prepared and Tao's expeditions are no ordinary holiday. If you're interested in booking, make sure to have a deeper look into their fascinating website, which will not only tell you what to expect in terms of sleeping arrangements, life on-board and weather, but gives you insights into the unique relationship they have with the communities here. Rates include fresh meals, all snacks and drinks, full snorkel and camping equipment, mosquito bites, salty hair and a lifetime of memories!


As you can imagine,  five days island hopping in a traditional Phillipines Bangka (perhaps Tao Philippines most famous vessel) involves days full of contact with nature and the ocean: think stunning atolls with pristine fringing reefs, massive limestone karsts drenched in jungle, deserted palm fringed beaches and timeless fishing villages. Every day is different - you might swim to a beach in search of fresh coconuts, snorkel a remote reef and have your own up close and personal encounter with a turtle, cook fresh fish under the stars and even help a local fisherman catch one. And there's still ample time for lounging on deck as you sail through one of the most beautiful seascapes on earth. TAO is a journey of self-discovery and nature & culture  appreciation for those with the true spirit for travel.  If you are up to the challenge and are looking for a no-filter experience, you know what to do!


TAO’s adventures are as natural and community-based as it gets, so efforts to keep the environment clean and share positive outcomes with the communities are strong and varied. For example, there's the “Food for the Future” project, where Tao works with local communities to reintroduce natural, non-invasive farming based around seasonal avaibility and an interplay between different crops and livestock - based on permaculture principles. They conduct their own research in the construction of their boats and beach camps, using several types of local bamboo. TAO provides training to local women to work as massage therapists and they have constructed and manage learning centers in remote villages to help future generations. They even provides full-scholarships to talented students to continues their studies at colleges in Manila and Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan. A proportion of each guest's payment is donated to the Tao Kalahi Foundation Projects that support all of the above. 

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