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Luxury beach-side resort on the island of Siladen, geared towards relaxation and all types of outdoor adventures - chief amongst them diving of course!


Siladen is an exclusive boutique resort and spa set on the fringes of a pristine beach that looks out into the ocean toward the majestic Manado Tua volcano. Guests can relax by the inifity pool, enjoy indulgent spa treatments and delicious international cuisines. Hike the volcano early morning and enjoy world class diving the same afternoon! The multitude and diversity of experiences at Siladen make it an ideal destination for adventurous travellers who love their luxury.


Siladen has a wide assortment of luxury beach-side and garden villas available in different sizes. All of the villas come equipped with air-conditioning, WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and ensuite bathrooms with hot-water showers. There is also an incredible spa for guests to unwind and enjoy a variety of massages, scrubs, and body rituals to rejuvenate the mind and body for a truly relaxing getaway.


Many of those who stay Siladen come for the incredible diving and snorkeling opportunities in the surrounding Bunaken National Marine Park, a massive region that is home to almost 400 species of coral and countless other forms of marine life. The resort also offers multiple day tours that explore nearby islands, volcanos, and rainforests that each offer a completely different and exciting experience.


Siladen has made a firm commitment to social and environmental sustainability. The resort uses low-energy light bulbs, organizes routine beach clean-ups, and has installed water management systems that recycle and reuse water across the resort. Additionally, the resort has volunteered and contributed to several social and environmental initiatives aimed at supporting local communities, protecting sea turtles, and maintaining the health of coral reefs in the region.

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